Energetic Signature Portrait - Relationship


Energetic Signature Portrait - Relationship

Heather Mays

Purchase includes a high resolution digital jpg file. There is no "hard copy" of this art. It is digital. Receive an intuitive artistic representation of the energy and frequency of your relationship.

This can be any type of relationship - romantic, friendship, with your kids, with your pets. You do need to be in a relationship with the person(s) you're including...this isn't a "let me see how our energy would look together" kind of thing. :)

After purchase, please forward your receipt email to me at heather@heathermays.com and let me know the names and geographic locations (city, state, country) of the individuals in the relationship. This can be you and another person, you and a pet or pets, you and your kids, etc.

Due to current order volume and the time it takes complete each custom portrait, it may take up to 4 weeks for your portrait to be completed.

When your portrait is complete, you will receive a link to a secure site where you can download your portrait file. I am not able to send the file to you directly through email (the files are too large for most email providers).

The Relationship Energetic Signature Portrait does not include any interpretation, channeled messages or pdf booklet with info for interpreting the art. Purchase includes a high resolution jpg digital download of the completed artwork.

All sales are final. Due to the personal and digital nature of this art, I cannot accept exchanges or grant refunds. Portraits are final upon completion. I don't make revisions or alterations.

This product is not currently for sale.
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