Energetic Signature Portrait

Heather Mays

Purchase includes a high resolution jpg digital download and a 15-page pdf booklet that includes my brief (2-3 sentences) interpretation of your portrait, a channeled message from your guides (2-3 sentences) and general tips for understanding your portrait.

For portraits for Spirit (pets& people), click here.
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For portraits for relationships, click here.

Due to current order volume and the time involved in creating each portrait, it will take 4 weeks for your portrait to be completed.

If you need to guarantee receipt of your portrait sooner than 4 weeks, you may wish to purchase the priority handling option here (limited availability) to receive your portrait in 5 days.

IMPORTANT!!!! If you are ordering this as a gift, put YOUR info here on this form, not the info of the person receiving the gift. After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get me your gift recipient's info. Note: I do not send completed portraits to the gift recipient - I send a link to the portrait and booklet to you and you are responsible for forwarding them to your gift recipient.

When your portrait is complete, you will receive a link to a secure site where you can download your portrait files. I am not able to send the files to you directly through email.

All sales are final. Due to the personal and digital nature of this art, I cannot accept exchanges or grant refunds. Portraits are final upon completion. I don't make revisions or alterations.

The file size and page length shown on this page are for the introductory guide which will be available for immediate download after purchase.

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Energetic Signature Portrait